Don’t Eat These 5 Things Before Drinking Milk

Don’t eat these 5 things before drinking milk

Drinking regular milk is a good habit, but you will get the most benefit from drinking it only if you know a few rules for drinking it. There are some things to not eat and drink that should not be forgotten even after a few hours before drinking milk, otherwise it is harmful to health


If you like to eat fish, do not accidentally drink milk after eating it. By doing this, you can get food poisoning and other stomach problems.

2.Citrus fruits

The consumption of milk after the consumption of citrus fruits with citric acid is harmful. Therefore it is necessary to have a long interval while consuming both.

3.Urad Dal

Drinking milk after urad dal can cause many stomach and health related problems. Therefore, keep a gap of at least two hours between intake of urad dal and milk.

4.Sesame and salt

If you are eating things made with sesame and salt, do not have milk after that. It can hurt you. Drink milk only after 2 hours of consuming them.


Avoid consuming milk after eating curd, otherwise you may have stomach problems and digestive disturbances.

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