Effective home remedies to reduce bad cholesterol in the body

Effective home remedies to reduce bad cholesterol in the body

Cholesterol isn’t a nasty word, if truth be told it’s essential for the fundamental functioning of the body. However, you also get additional cholesterol from the fatty foods that you simply consume. two varieties of cholesterol, good and bad. though it’s vital for your body to function commonly, bad cholesterol are some things you must remember of. once you have bad cholesterol in your body, it starts forming in your arteries. bad cholesterol or lipoprotein is bad for you in some ways. Here are some natural remedies to manage your cholesterol to lower the bad cholesterol in your blood pressure.


  • Oats are a conventional food acknowledged for reducing bad cholesterol within the body. Oats contain soluble fibers that inhibit the absorption of lipoprotein within the body and thus naturally lower its levels. Add oats to your home granola bar or have a bowl at breakfast. intake one cup of oats each day will facilitate individuals with high cholesterol levels. Your favorite snack might also be the simplest home remedy for high cholesterol.

Amla or Indian Gooseberry

  • Amla may be a common ingredient in several Ayurvedic preparations and for no reason. It is that the solely food supply to take care of its high vitamin-C concentration even once preparation or burning, it contains several powerful antioxidants that facilitate in cholesterol management. Taking mixed amla powder with one teaspoon of honey with lukewarm water helps in reducing bad cholesterol.

Apple vinegar

  • The amount of magic gift within the news as a solution to many diseases, it’s additionally effective in reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in your body. providing most folks of us fans of the taste, combination it with the juice of your favorite fruit will greatly improve the taste.


  • Garlic is another common kitchen ingredient in management and is incredibly effective. Allicin may be a high concentration of raw garlic, a soluble compound that helps cut back bad cholesterol within the body. If you would like to use garlic to lower cholesterol, raw garlic is your most suitable choice.
  • Take recent garlic as a spice on your soup, dish or bread or take garlic legs with water. The draw back of this remedy is that the breath of garlic, which might be reduced by drinking lemon wings or mint tea. therefore next time you visit a neighborhood store for your natural high cholesterol treatment, have some garlic.


  • Turmeric is a major spice in Indian kitchens, which, due to its antiseptic properties, becomes part of the first aid kit in case of injuries.
  • However, a major advantage of turmeric is that it can cut plaque or cholesterol deposits on the walls of your arteries. Add turmeric as a spice in your diet or add traditional turmeric milk to this wonderful element in your meal before bedtime.

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