How to do And It's Benefits (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana: How to do And It’s Benefits (Mountain Pose)

Tadasana: How to do And It’s Benefits (Mountain Pose)

What is Tadasana?

Tadasana is formed by combining asana with the Sanskrit word tad (mountain). Tadasana yoga is considered to be the basis of permanent yogasanas. This is because when doing this yoga, the body remains straight and stable like a mountain. Tadasana helps keep the spinal cord healthy, making it easier to do the rest of the asana.

Benefits of Tadasana (Mountain Pose)


Benefits of Tadasana for diabetes

There are many yogasanas mentioned in yoga, which can be beneficial in diabetes. Tadasana participates in yogas that can help control type 2 diabetes. This asana can help regulate blood glucose and maintain insulin levels. Therefore, the benefits of Tadasana can be seen in patients with diabetes.

Helps improve posture

To improve body posture, it is very important to keep your spine straight. In this case, the benefits of tadasana can help keep the spinal cord healthy. As we mentioned in the introduction to Tadasana Yoga, when doing this Yogasan, the spine is kept very straight, which can help to maintain the posture of the body.

In addition, Tadasana can make the spine positively flexible and help maintain the balance of the body. It actually causes muscle tension, which helps keep the spinal cord straight.

Strengthen your knees, thighs, and ankles.

Tadasana yoga works specifically on the knees, ankles and thighs. Tarasana can help keep your spine straight, while keeping your knees, thighs, and ankles strong. These advantages may be due to the stress on the body when performing Tadasana.

How to do Tadasana Yoga Mudra

Doing any Yogasana incorrectly can cause you harm. Therefore, the method of doing Tadasana in the correct way is explained below.

  • First, choose a clean, open space and lay out yoga mats.
  • Now stand on the yoga mat stretching your legs and waist.
  • During this, keep your ankles in sync with each other.
  • Keep both hands raised in the armpits.
  • In the next step, raise your palms together keeping them together. The direction of the palms should be towards the sky.
  • Now while breathing slowly, pull your body up while standing on your toes.
  • When the body is fully tanned, try to stay in this pose for a while. Also keep breathing normally.
  • In this state, the entire weight of the body will be on the claws.
  • Then release your breath slowly and return to the initial state.
  • Repeat this whole process 8 to 10 times.

Tadasana Tips For Beginners – Beginner Tip To Do Tadasana

Those who have never done Tadasana before, keep the things mentioned below in mind while adopting the Tadasana method.

  • Don’t use too much force while pulling your body up.
  • If you are unable to balance your body while doing Tadasana Yoga, keep your feet slightly away from your feet. This will help maintain balance.
  • If you don’t do yoga daily, don’t put too much stress on the body in the first days of this yoga.

Some Precautions for Tadasana Yoga

Do not practice Tadasana yoga if you suffer from the problems mentioned below.

  • Headache
  • Insomnia (sleepiness problem)
  • Low blood pressure

 It is important to note that the benefits of Tadasana will be helpful in keeping your body healthy, but it is not a medical treatment for any disease. To get rid of these problems completely, along with yoga, correct medical treatment and a balanced diet are very important. 

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